Wigan won’t let Moses go to Chelsea

Following the revelation last week that Chelsea have made a £4m offer for Victor Moses, it appears as though Wigan chairman Dave Whelan is doing everything he can to keep his man at the DW Stadium. It is thought that the Latcis have slapped a huge asking price on Moses’ head, while they have also offered the youngster a hugely improved contract.

The outspoken Whelan could not hide his displeasure when the Blues made their opening bid last week, accusing them of “taking the mickey”. He also went as far to attack Moses’ agent, saying that he has given his client poor advice and he is just interested in gaining the more lucrative package as possible.

It now appears as though the Latics have stepped up their approach to keep the 21-year-old, with Whelan telling the Evening Post that he’s offered to double his wages, “We’ve made him a very good offer – involving a doubling of his wages – over the next three years. It’s down to whether the lad himself listens to sense, or whether he listens to his agent. The player has to realise that it’s his future we’re talking about not his agent’s.”

Moses’ agent has also got involved in the press, stating that he has done everything right by Wigan in the past, “I know how these things work, but I’m not getting involved in a slanging match,’ he said. ‘All I will say is: How did Vic end up at Wigan, when he could have gone to Manchester City? Who took him to Wigan?”.

Unfortunately, all of the above does give the impression that Moses will be difficult to purchase. As well as being a key player for Wigan, the Latics also know that a substantial part of the transfer fee will have to be paid to Crystal Palace. This could make the deal very expensive for Chelsea – who may decide to track other options should the figure continue to rise.