13 thoughts on “Weekends on Chelsea TV

  1. How about you have take more pride in your YouTube Channel by giving more
    effort with your Content aka Like Scumchester Shitty do on there channel
    and then say you can get this great content plus more with Chelsea TV and
    people will buy Chelsea TV!!! Just taking stuff from Chelsea TV and
    Shortening it by 90% isn’t making anyone want to subscribe to Chelsea TV!!!
    Sort it out 

  2. I’m okay with not uploading on youtube but more actual player based content
    on chelsea TV is needed

  3. I love chelsea , but this channel need to more content.i tried chelsea tv
    for about a month and it wasn’t that great. I live in the america and I
    miss all of the live shows , because of time difference . I understand that
    this YouTube channel is just an intro of what to expect on chelsea tv, but
    to be honest chelsea tv isn’t all that interesting while I had it. I say
    give us some better content on you tube then give even better contents on
    chelsea tv

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