In his press conference yesterday evening, the Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho tried to put the Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard under a bit of pressure by talking about his slip in the previous season.

The Reds were on their way to win the Premier League in 2013-14. They just had to secure a draw versus Chelsea and they would have been fine, but, it wasn’t to be.

Chelsea defeated them by 1-0 and with that defeat; their destiny went out of their hands.

The player who had scored the match winning goal for Chelsea during that game was Demba Ba and he was able to do so only because of a mistake made by Gerrard.

It wasn’t a mistake in fact. It was just bad luck. Gerrard had been getting into a good position to make a clearance there, but, a few yards away from the ball, he slipped and that was perhaps the biggest mistake of his career.

Ba hit the net, Chelsea won and Manchester City managed to get ahead of Liverpool in the title race.

Speaking about that incident online, Mourinho said, “It decided the winner of the league to be honest. Had they got a draw there, I don’t think, City would have overtaken them, but, that did not happen.”

“We were just playing for the pride. We did not gain anything from that win. We had lost to Sunderland and with that, we were out. But, for them, it was so vital.”

“They, obviously, would not like to look back at that. It was not a day to remember for them.”

As far as this Premier League is concerned, the Blues are the table leaders, while, Liverpool is down at no. 7 with only 14 points in 10 matches so far.