25 thoughts on “My Journey to Stamford Bridge, Home of Chelsea Football Club

  1. I just had the most gruelling 8 days of my life doing that..check out ‘CHELSEA MAYHEM LUCA JOE’, hope you enjoy that too.

  2. feel free to watch my videos from the bridge, I’ve supported them around 11/12 years aswel but from Ireland

  3. nah, don’t worry, that dude was just bullshitting. It’s an amazing atmosphere there. Especially now, I bet, since we’re doing all so well at the moment. The fans must be so pumped up to see how our season’s going at the moment. What a way to end it. Just hope we’ll successfully win the cup double.

  4. I’m going to stamford bridge on wednesday for my first chelsea match against newcastle, you were there, it there really no passion or was that guy just bulling?

  5. hey … im still workin on makin one of the kind movie as you, its inspiring, a full story of having a blue life since the beginning i became Chelsea supporter and fan. As same as you i met the players face to face on their 2011 Asia summer tour in malaysia, collect all their signs, the keep trying to get another dream come true by touching down the bridge, and i did … its undescribeable feeling … i feel exacly same as you…thanks for post this video =) Spread the blue love .. KTBFFH

  6. Why do you all want to go to Stamford bridge for? quietest stadium in England and the fans have no passion!

  7. first one’s “First Breath After Coma” by Explosions in the Sky, and the other one’s “Festival” by Sigur Rós. And yes, they’re really quite epic man!

  8. I’m from Malaysia and I was dreaming the same too. I hope I can get there one day :'(

  9. been a chelsea fan 15 years only 17 years old and i miss being a season ticket holder 🙁 Matthew Harding lower <3

  10. damn this is gold! Watching them play against Man utd next week for the first time ever at the bridge. This has pumped me up even more

  11. I got it when I met and greeted them when they went over to Malaysia for their Asia Tour last year mate.

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