25 thoughts on “Chelsea football fan getting beating up by West Ham bouncer.mov

  1. yeah whatever =D stolen money and 7years wel be bankrupt evan though our owner is the 48th richest man in the world cool

  2. IF U LOVE CHELSEA, prove it and THROW your computer out the window.if you dont .U are FOOLHAM

  3. ALL U you ar bought by the RUSSIAN stolen money…..U lot be in a SHT in 7 years……CRAP team bought on the RUSSIAN stolean MONEY…..bankrupt sooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnn

  4. cockney jellied eel loving chavs, all mouth no action as per…. chelsea headhunters lol iv shit harder

  5. That Gay Chelsea fan had no balls, just like his team on the pitch….get beaten up by the ball boy or the steward.
    Fans and players AND the manager are all gay.and their doctor is a LESBO, is she was not….John Terry would have done her

  6. why? you’re just another pissy knickered all gob and keyboard nob jockey.
    I’d break your jaw with a bitch slap

  7. thanks for your comments, the doorman came of worst after the thievin cunt who nicked my phone drove off. steeles1984, i want my phone back you cunt

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