24 thoughts on “Chelsea FC – US Tour 2012 – Cech plays American Football

  1. lol its obvious that football(american football) is better than soccer, your players copy everyhing we do hahaha.

  2. For Once I know more about football than a Brit (Don’t get me wrong I love football and American football).

  3. i must have gotten confused by your verb tense, the way you worded it , it seemed like you think he would be a good wide receiver (as in future tense), btw it doesn’t take a knee in his head to take him out, american’s lead with their helmet (helmet to helmet contact will end cech).

  4. Because Cech didn’t have a helmet on when the player kneed him in the head. It would’ve cracked anyone’s skull, even the toughest guy in the NFL. Plus a knee to the skull is illegal in American football anyways.

  5. Kicker and punter maybe, he almost always deflect ball away from goal instead of catching the ball

  6. nobody cares about american handegg excepts the inbreds living there. please dont insult chelsea supporters with this bullshit

  7. You know somethn, he can get a great position in the NFL! But we all love him so much as our GK <3

  8. the first part of your comment was spot on. the second part.well, i must say, extremely idiotic. petr fractured his skull , one hard tackle (especially from the americans the way the play football, and cech is a goner).

  9. Cech would be an excellent field kicker/punter or maybe even a wide receiver in the NFL because he can catch.

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