25 thoughts on “Cesc Fabregas’ first Chelsea FC goal

  1. Cesc mate if you want to play for us you’ve got to do better than that
    mate. I mean even carvalio brought more respect to the club jeez. How can
    you even call that a hair style.

  2. hopefully next season:




    COURTIOIS/CECH (i dont really mind who start)

  3. Videos like this one should be uploaded more often. Rather watch goals,
    highlights and other video content here in great quality than finding them
    somewhere else online. Chelsea need to up their game and start competing
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  4. All Chelsea need to do is give the youth a chance. Id want Pogba as another
    DM choice. I dont mind Mikel being a benchwarmer for DM but what if Matic
    is injured? We have ramires who frankly cant defend without giving away a
    yellow. Or we can play 2 DMs. Oscar, Willian, Fabregas all play well
    offensively and can sometimes win the ball high up but we need another DM
    and to give youth players a shot in the team.

  5. Definitely need another DM, matic is quality but maybe not experience
    enough, and if he gets injured, I’d like to see khedira come in. Also with
    lukaku gone we 100% need another stricker, can’t make the same mistakes as
    last season I think falcao will come in because he wants out of monaco,
    Jose is a massive admirer and been tracking h for years, the have the same
    agent so I reckon around 25 mil we can get him

  6. People keep talking about a 4th striker. No world class striker is going to
    sign for Chelsea knowing Costa is first choice and he has to sit on the
    bench. Drogba and Torres are good bench options, Schurrle and Fabregas are
    more than good enough to cover up front. Or, as we’ve seen lately, if none
    of them are available, Brana can play up top 😀 No need for another
    striker. Can’t have a Cavani sitting on the bench moaning by December.

  7. cesc fabregas I thought he said Barcelona was his boyhood club? the reason
    why Barcelona don’t want him is because he didn’t do it for them,he’s not a
    Ronaldinho or messi or Ronaldo is he

  8. I love that we´re making Arsenal fans angry by signing Fabregas and it´s a
    fantastic signing, but his haircut is one of the ugliest i´ve seen…

  9. My Picture should be Chelsea’s updated logo! Blue, White, Yellow. Or go
    back to the old CFC Lion one ;)

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