What cars can footballers get with a weeks’ wage?

One of many football fans’ biggest gripes about the modern game is the amount of money which many players are paid. The likes of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney make well over £100,000 per week excluding sponsorship deals and bonuses, so they’re likely to be able to afford the best of everything, particularly cars.

Wayne Rooney, who may not be at Manchester United for much longer, will need a nice car to help him move should a transfer to Chelsea or Arsenal materialise this summer. His Lamborghini Gallardo cost the equivalent of a weeks’ wage at Old Trafford, so should it break down on the M1 or M6 en route to his medical, he could always get a replacement!

Thierry Henry, now approaching the twilight of his career in the US, according to this infographic from Autoweb, is usually seen driving an Audi Q7 which cost him just over half a week’s wage. Although more expensive than what an ordinary fan would drive, it’s still pretty modest, although it looks pretty bling, as you would expect from any footballer’s car!