No more Twitter for Bertrand

It would be fair to say that several Blues players have fallen extremely foul of the whole Twitter concept over recent times, and the latest one to be hit by controversy through the social network has decided to take action. After avoiding an FA ban by the skin of his teeth following his use of the platform, Ryan Bertrand has decided to shun the website and close his account.

Whilst normally one of the reserved players within the Chelsea and England setup, Bertrand rose to national prominence last week after he added an update on his Twitter account that included an expletive. After being made unavailable for Saturday’s game through a virus, Bertrand could not hide his disgust when the FA revealed that the player wouldn’t be featuring due to a sore throat. He wrote, “Just to clarify…. Its not a “sore throat” Im ill. swollen glands in my neck… And constant headache for 3 days now and freezin cold. Do you think a “sorethroat” could stop me being apart of a match for my club or country? #yourf******nuts this is what every boy dreams of.”

Fortunately, his prompt apology was received well by the FA and they decided not to take action about the player. Moreover, even though Roy Hodgson disapproved at the player’s language, he at least stated that he was pleased that Bertrand was taking so much pride in representing his country.

Nevertheless, Bertrand’s decision to close his account has probably been met by massive approval by both chiefs within the England setup and the Blues. Following Ashley Cole’s foul mouthed rant at the FA, it’s understood that the organisation is trying to implement a code of conduct to try and prevent such situations occurring again. Unfortunately, Cole has still been charged and he will find out his fate in the near future.