No ban for Bertrand

It would be fair to say that it hasn’t been the best couple of weeks for Chelsea defenders and Blues fans couldn’t believe their eyes when yet another player was involved in controversy on Wednesday. However, even though Ryan Bertrand did post another foul mouthed rant focussed on the FA on Twitter, it looks as though the left back will not be charged by the organisation.

Bertrand withdrew from the England squad on Wednesday and after it was announced that the reason for his omission was a sore throat, the Blues defender couldn’t help but reveal his anger on Twitter. He wrote, “Do you think a ‘sore throat’ could stop me being a part of a match for my club or country? #yourf******nuts this is what every boy dreams of.”

Considering the fact that Ashley Cole looks set to be stung with some sort of disciplinary action following his comments on Twitter, it certainly wasn’t the best idea by Bertrand to follow in his colleague’s footsteps. Fortunately, on this occasion it looks as though the FA are going to simply accept his apology and move on from the issue as soon as possible. Roy Hodgson also didn’t seem too bothered about the issue, as he told the media, “I think his sentiments were laudable, in telling you how much he wants to play for England, but his choice of words was wrong.”

Following the whole incident, it has now been discovered that Bertrand was in fact suffering from a more serious viral infection. The player also clarified this on his Twitter profile and wrote that he has been suffering from swollen glands and a “constant headache” for the last three days. However, considering the nature of the injury, it looks very plausible that he will be available for Chelsea’s next game in just over a week.