25 thoughts on “Drogba: Greatest Chelsea Player

  1. Drogba greatest ever chelsea player without a doubt,without him chelsea would not have beaten munich and won the champions league

  2. Love Drog still think Zola was a tad bit better ,but they were so different and regardless drogba was absolutely brilliant for cfc

  3. You’re trying to argue for an English club, yet you speak English worse than a 3 year old. Fuck off.

  4. Great actors leave the stage when the ovation is so high. Legendary timing DD. You are always in our hearts.

  5. Give him a statue in front of Stamford Bridge, he is the greatest example that you can achieve anything as long as you put enough effort in it … Drogba is a true legend!

  6. arsenal have lost about 50 in a row, Spurs shit loads, even Man utd have lost 5 or more only City and liverpool have lost less in a row recently

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