24 thoughts on “Chelsea FC vs. Seattle Sounders FC Recap: World Football Challenge 2012

  1. Freddy Montero impressed me alot. Good job to the Sounders from a Chelsea supporter 🙂

  2. This should be the only video Kick should have put out for this game. Seriously, my feed was filled with way to many individual videos with a intro that quickly got old. Odds are we are watching the game kick.

  3. yea but still very almost every time a team form Europe comes to play them they always loose real madrid vs l.a galaxy madrid won 3-0 yes they are getting better but still have a lot to go

  4. Chelsea has gotten a lot better, would love to see a match between them and Real Madrid. Hala Madrid ! <3

  5. Hope Lukaku plays a lot this season, would love him to really become the next Drogba!

  6. loser bandwagoners?

    Chelsea won and you call them losers?
    and im not even a Chelsea fan..

    Eurosnob? lolwut?

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