Club confirm disciplinary action against JT

It looks as though the long-winded saga between John Terry and Anton Ferdinand is finally coming to an end, with the finishing touches being added to JT’s punishment. The club have confirmed that they have taken disciplinary against the skipper, although they are not willing to discuss the terms of such measures with the press.

It would be fair to say that there were more than a few raised eyebrows when Terry decided not to appeal against the decision from the FA to hand him a four match ban and actually went on to apologise for his actions in the game against QPR last year. Many were expecting the saga to continue and for the former England captain to launch a stinging appeal, but it looks as though he would rather put the whole incident behind him and has therefore taken his FA punishment.

Following on from that, Chelsea have announced that they have also issued the player with a fine. Considering the strong values at Stamford Bridge, some sources had claimed that the club could even strip JT of his captaincy. However, it looks as though the only penalty he is going to be hit with is financial, with a club statement reading, “Chelsea Football Club believes John Terry has made the correct decision by not appealing against the FA judgment relating to language he used at the QPR match last October.

The Board has conducted its own investigation into the matter, and considered the various issues involved. The Board has taken further disciplinary action in addition to the four-match suspension and £220,000 fine imposed by the FA. In accordance with our long-standing policy, that disciplinary action will remain confidential.”

Hopefully, that means that the saga has finally drawn to a conclusion. With JT deciding not to launch an appeal, it does mean that he will miss some important games against Manchester United in the league and League Cup, Swansea and Tottenham.