25 thoughts on “║CHELSEA FC ≈ THE MOVIE║ PART 2

  1. please make part 3!!! from a massive chelsea fan. and please include how barcelona haven’t beaten us in 7 matches!!!! 😀 hahahaha

  2. One more manager ,the Champions League and F.A cup double winners manager Roberto Di Matteo !!!!!!!!!

  3. Damn I miss it when Liverpool had some energy to be a competitive rival for Chelsea like 4 years or so ago. T’was real fun watching the two bash each other to bits

  4. You can make a movie how BLUES rised like a phoenix from dust now ,finaly. Not from England also and I love Chelsea because they played so beautiful football in the past years. But this season was really special to me. It showed you can to anything if you really belive in it . Comeback in Napoli changed everything it was so beautiful. I know that premier did not go well but there were still so many great moments. And I am so happy for all the old timers who desereved this title.

  5. You have to re-edit the Chelsea Football Club = the movie. We need another video 😀

  6. please please pleeeeaaase make a 3rd one for the fa cup and champions league final :D!

  7. Chelsea might face some critics from some people but they dont know how chelsea play and let fans inlove with them!Chelsea is definitely the best!Im always a blue!

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