Preview: Lampard on Galatasaray

Chelsea Enthusiasts Video clip Rating: four / 5

23 responses to “Preview: Lampard on Galatasaray


    Finally outro changed.

  2. ChesnoidGaming

    One of the biggest games of the season considering the result at the
    weekend and also all the the other English teams slip ups so far in Europe.
    Plus there’s just the small thing of welcoming Didier Drogba home too,
    should be a great occasion x

  3. new chelsea youtube channel for the fans i will upload more footage from
    tomorrow nights game, if you are chelsea mad like me then please sub

  4. abrinson1996

    SUPER SUPER FRANK!!!! Let’s go Chelsea! Make Europe BLUE WITH CHELSEA!!

  5. AnGamer dyOne

    Super Frankie!!!! Chelsea 2-0 Galatasaray

  6. Sebastian Muñoz Borja

    against Gala. Cech,,,Iva,Terry,Cahill,Azpi,,,Lampard,Ramires(Luiz if

  7. TheAK47MaStA

    A whole 33 seconds


  9. Sebastian Muñoz Borja

    is David Luiz fit?? Lampard must start the game and i think his perfect
    partner in midfield would be Luiz if he is recovered….

  10. Dave Fincher

    6:0 Chelsea 😀 .. Super frankie will score hopefully a 30 yards shoott !!

  11. david taylor

    Good team performance, think we will draw either athletico or barca, well
    done xhelsea

  12. Rayhan Choudhury

    Start Torres. He’s our Eurostar.

  13. Addicted Gaming Nut


  14. We needed Lamps on the pitch saturday. 

  15. The Greatest Goalscoring Midfielder of All Time

  16. Klaudia Gajda

    he’s so hot.

  17. Huzaifa Patel

    Hes gunna play

  18. Huzaifa Patel

    Hes gunna play

  19. Jacob Messih

    Azpi – Cahill – Terry – Cole (if healthy, if not, Azpi here and Ivan on the
    other side)
    Rami and Lamps
    Willian – Oscar – Hazard

  20. Dmitry Ivanov

    i love him<3 full homo

  21. CdawiSharkPark

    Главное не дать забить Дидье!

  22. Wasan Balthisang

    เชลซี 2-0 กาลาตาซาลาย ฮาฮาฮาฮา !!!

  23. nicky romero

    LEGEND <3