Pato linked to Chelsea

The 26 year old Brazilian forward Alexandre Pato has recently been turning up as a possible January signing for a number of Premier League clubs as a lot of teams in the top tier English league have shown interest in signing the former AC Milan player.

Pato for Brazil

Alexandre Pato reached headlines around the world when AC Milan signed him and the Brazilian player scored his first goal in the Italian League Serie A at the young age of 19. Pato is a very skillful player who showed what he is capable of doing in San Siro but the thing which crumbled his career was his consistent injuries.

Pato sustained successive injuries during his time as a player of Ac.Milan and this was why the Italian outfit eventually decided to let him go but he is now being rumored on making a return to the big stage as there are clubs which are willing to take a risk on him.

Sunderland, Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool and Chelsea are the latest clubs in the Premier League which have been linked with Alexandre Pato but it’s believed that the Brazilian attacker is more interested in making a move to Chelsea than to any of the other English clubs. If you fancy having a bet on where he will end up, make sure you check which bookie is offering the most effective match bonus! My money is on Liverpool.

The Brazilian player seems to have put his injuries struggles behind him as he has been consistently playing without suffering any real big physical condition which is what used to happen in his days with AC Milan.

Chelsea’s Guus Hiddink has stated that he feels his team is lacking attackers and Alexandre Pato is turning into a viable player to sign in this winter transfer window, all of this are nothing more than rumors as nothing official has been released by Chelsea or by the player himself but if the price is right then it certainly is a risk that Chelsea or another club can take as Pato is a skilfull player that can add a new attacking dimension to any team.