Cesc Fabregas, as many other people, also believes that Diego Costa did not deserve the ban that he was handed for his demeanour in the Arsenal game that had taken place earlier this month.

Costa has, however, completed his ban now and is all set to return to take on Porto in the European Cup. According to Fabregas, his countryman is annoyed at the moment and he has every reason to be in that sort of mood. Fabregas said, “You are never happy when you are treated that harshly and Diego is no different. He feels he’s hard done by and he is probably right.”

Fabregas and Costa

“Everyone would obviously have his own opinion, but, I would say it was not fair, not something that he deserved. But, we all have to move on from that now. He is one of the vital cogs in our set up. He has a big role to play for us. To be able to clinch the league, we need our big names to be performing well and those names certainly include Diego.”

As you can see on the betbonuscode website, the Blues have just 3 wins under their belt in 12 league games this summer and they find themselves lingering in the bottom half of the table with a mere total of 11 points at this stage.

The rival clubs i.e. City and United are miles ahead in terms of points and also, in terms of goal differential. The West Londoners desperately need to raise the bar in the coming weeks. Their next game is scheduled on 3rd of November against Southampton FC.

Southampton is another team which has not played to reputation so far. So, it’ should be an interesting contest at Bridge. Chelsea would start favourites.