16 thoughts on “Chelsea vs Barcelona 3-2 aggregate Match Analysis

  1. RDM. I LOVE IT. He seems to have a good sense of what the teams needs are. After this win, he should be in line for the job. If he wins the finals, He must get the job!

  2. I’m from Toronto too. I really appreciate your analysis. I could not have said it better myself. Keep it up mate. Let’s be friends..slaappp

  3. bro, thats not soccer, i dont support barcelona, but thats not soccer man… the entire team was on defence!!! WTF… had they opened up, they would have been raped… and everyone knows that.. fucking 8 defence!!!!

  4. Quite interesting Analysis to be honest. I am surprised as well, no offense but I didn’t know that “soccer” was popular on the other side of the ocean. Thumbs up from UK. Keep it up mate!

  5. You sir…KNOW FOOTBALL. 🙂 Ashley Cole played outstanding and Peter Cech showed why he is the best in the world.

  6. thnks. What country are you from, I’m from Toronto Canada. with jamaican descent. like sturridge. the sport is really big here in Canada, we havw many europeans , asian, south americans , Caribbean’s.

  7. you hardly see americans who watch soccer/football specially black americans they like other sports better, anyways i think they all played brilliant (chelsea) but its mostly the defenders n ptr czech who win the ovation

  8. Chelsea has been a TEAM since RDM took the job and today wasn’t an exception, every player (except for Terry, who got mad at Sanchez cuz Sanchez didn’t introduced his girl to terry hahaha) played very well….

    I really thing that Chelsea deserves to be in the final!
    Today was like a chess game and di Mateo’s
    moves were perfect in every way!!
    RDM has been showing us (specially in this game) that he is ready to take the full time job!

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