25 thoughts on “Chelsea FC – The Hazard song

  1. @Dylan Reedy, RvP was cheaper because he’s old. Give it 5 years then let’s see what you’re saying

  2. You pricks actually sing this shit, chelsea are shit and rvp is ten times better than hazard oh and much cheaper. I will wait here until one of you benders send me a hate message

  3. okay! Stop dislike Liverpool’s fan, u guy will have to admit that Hazard will be better than Steven Gerard because he will become the world’s best player!

  4. Not at all. Yeah, the singer of this song is probably born in 1999. Yep, that must be it.

  5. As a United fan I was gutted when Hazard opted for Chelsea and not us. What a quality player they signed.

  6. Shut it Liverpool scousers stop talking crap at least Chelsea can say we won the first division and the premier league even more fa cups as well which we beat in last year and it was Liverpool that we beat to win are first trophy under José mourinho so fuck off cause you just live in the past but we are fighting to win another major trophy in the present not the past twats

  7. you carry on with your ‘History’ and were keep winning stuff.. Liverpool-1MANTEAM

  8. Chelsea are clearly the better team at this time. I’ll go wait for a reply from you talking about your history as it’s the only thing you have nowadays.

  9. Face it your club is only good because of its shitty owner who put crap loads of money into your plastic club your not a proper team so deal with it that’s why Liverpool are better

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