25 thoughts on “Chelsea FC – 2012/13 Away kit launch

  1. @Airlessarab get a grip of yourself, why don’t you go to Anfield and look at their trophies, that’ll make you realise how much bigger our club is to yours. Nice kit by the way

  2. coming from a spurs fan haha wheres your european cup u jewish fuck??

  3. Looking for a way out Watch this video – /watch?v=mAbtYy0_MOw (Type this in your browser after youtube dot com)

  4. Just a bitter jew fan of a shite club

    See you next season, on Channel 5 pal

  5. DM reported Ramires will quit chelsea for curezio. Is it true? Is he unhappy? He is underrated for sure.

  6. Whats with all the liverpool fans here? Fuck off and go polish your mickey mouse cup.

  7. fuck off youre a tottenham fan when was the last time you won good trophy?

  8. Small club who won the Lottery..

    Just the £2 billion spent and £90 million loss last season Huh?

    No history, cheats

  9. Haha “The err.. Second one is white and baby blue” he was taught all the colours in English lessons 😉

  10. Chelsea need a bright new player like nasri or Ferdinand or crouch or gevinio

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