20 thoughts on “Chelsea FC – 2012 US Summer Tour

  1. I am going to sun life stadium to watch worlds masters tour 2012 and also chelsea vs ac Milan

  2. They would rather go to America where they will not get mugged, they can play in nice facilities and people can afford top dollar tickets. But hey, good try bashing the MLS Juan…. (jajajajaja)

  3. I live in the US but I am not a fan of the football played here. No one seems to care about our league. That game should be great!

  4. they will. i mean i love mls (i live in the US) but it will be a repeat of what MU did last year on tour. can’t wait to see Chelsea face PSG at Yankee Stadium though.

  5. Saddened that there is no Texas date on the US tour, but still excited that Chelsea is coming back to the states this summer..

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