Chelsea players confident match against Liverpool

Despite having played in Europe just a couple of days back, there was no sign of exhaustion in the game of the Chelsea players when they took on Liverpool on Saturday afternoon.

They were far from being fresh. Some of them were even playing with minor fitness issues, but, they did not let the level of their performance go down.

According to the boss Jose Mourinho, the thing which kept his not-so-fresh-players going in a tough atmosphere at Anfield was the will to win against the strong teams away from home.

Speaking in the post match press conference, Mourinho said “It was all about mental toughness. The physically freshness was obviously not there, but, we were determined to win in difficult conditions.”

It was Chelsea’s 9th win in their 11 games in the league this season. The remaining two games have been draws. They have looked completely untroubled against every opposition. They are 4 points clear at the top and their goal differential is +17.

Liverpool, which had finished second in the last season, seems to be missing Luis Suarez quite a bit. This defeat against Chelsea has got them out of the top 10 now. They are at no. 11 with just 14 points and a goal differential of -1.

For the second time consecutively, the Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers made a whole lot of changes in his starting XI. Seven players who had featured in the Champions League game against Real Madrid the other day got dropped.

The new set of players definitely showed a little bit of intent at the start, but, it was all Chelsea later on.

A couple of referee decisions could have gone in Liverpool’s favour. They could have got a penalty towards the end, but, there’s no denying that they were not as good as Chelsea on the day.


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Hard to argue against Mourinho’s title claim

Jose Mourinho made the not-so-bold claim last week that this Chelsea squad has what it takes to win the Premier League this season. Having played down his side’s chances of success last term, the ‘Special One’ seems much happier having made changes to his squad this summer.

Mourinho has made four additions to his team, all of whom would appear to have a big part to play in Chelsea’s season. Diego Costa is likely to continue as the focal point of Chelsea’s attack after scoring against Burnley on his competitive debut, while Cesc Fabregas is expected to fill the big shoes of Frank Lampard in midfield after his fine assist for the Blues’ second goal at Turf Moor. The Blues are now 6/4 favourites with Paddy Power to win the title come next May.

Filipe Luis was one of the best defenders in Europe last season and will only improve a strong backline, while Didier Drogba’s return could be a stroke of genius if he can chip in a few vital goals from the bench.

Chelsea also have something of a new signing in Thibaut Courtois, who looks to have the potential to be better than Petr Cech, who is now 9/4 to leave for Monaco.

The Blues look to be very strong in every area of the pitch now, with Mourinho having a quality reserve to fill the void should one of his main stars be unable to play. You only have to look at the players Mourinho let go this summer to see how much faith he has in his squad.

He allowed stalwarts Ashley Cole and Frank Lampard to go, while Romelu Lukaku was sold to a rival in Everton. The transfer of David Luiz to Paris Saint-Germain is perhaps Mourinho’s finest work in the transfer window, though, given the fee the French side paid and the scars Luiz carries from the World Cup.

If you match Chelsea’s squad up with any of their title rivals, the strength in depth is there for all to see. Only Manchester City can boast a squad that can match the Blues in terms of quality in every department. Therefore, it stands to reason that it will be City and Chelsea fighting it out for the title again this season, with the rest someway behind.


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